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CSB Side break Disconnect



MindCore Technologies CSB series are Side break switches for outdoor group operated switches and with over 40 years of installation the versatile switch continues its reliability. The versatility of the CSB Side break switch is that it may be mounted in a horizontal, vertical or an underhung position.




The application of the switch is a versatile, multi-use switch that can be used in substations for isolating, by-passing or sectionalizing. It is also commonly used as a line sectionalizer, a line tap-off switch or as a selector switch when a load is supplied by a preferred or an alternate feeder. The three poles can be arranged in the conventional horizontal upright arrangement or in a vertical, inverted, or semi-inverted configuration.


Because the blade travels in a plane parallel to the base, overhead clearances are sometimes minimal. Load break devices are also available and can be supplied when specified. The blades may open clockwise or counterclockwise through 70 degrees, in a plane parallel to the switch base.

Technical data

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