15 to 550kV / 40kA - 63kA - 75 kA

Built to last

MindCore Technologies GAV ground switches are a station class vertical break ground switch, the switch is typically used to give a visible ground point. This allows for a secure environment for workers to perform maintenance, service or any other task required on nearby equipment.

Designed to utilize the high strength and lightweight characteristics of aluminum alloys, the GAV ground switch can be mounted in a parallel or perpendicular installation. Combined with time-tested silver inlay copper contacts that are highly visible and easily replaceable, the current carrying path is exempt of any rotating points ensuring maximum conductivity over time.

The GAV ground switch applications are used in substations with high short-circuit requirements, since it’s rated up to 75 kA rms (3s). Full copper version available up to 245kV. Stand alone or combined with a vertical, center or double break switch are all available. Additional key component possibilities such as painted blade for extra visual confirmation or key interlock hardware provision or mechanical interlock hardware provision or electrical interlock allow flexibility to comply with any project requirements.

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Aluminum current carrying parts
Silver to Silver high pressure self wiping contacts
Reversed loop silver brazed contacts on jaw side
Blade rollover for first attempt ice breaking capabilities
Parallel or perpendicular installation
IEEE 693 High seismic shake table tested
Evolution of Kearney robust philosophy design
Combined or standalone configuration available