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Switching the future since 2008…with decades of engineering expertise

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Providing excellence in HV and MV solutions

With unparalleled engineering expertise, and having its core business in the design and manufacture of distribution and transmission class disconnect switches up to 800 kV, we work closely with each customer to provide products, that not only meets or exceeds the customer’s specification requirements, but guarantees years of exceptional performance and reliability.

We are committed to providing excellence by bringing an advanced approach to the manufacturing of disconnect switches. This has set the stage for our Corporate and Core values to help lead our customers to: SWITCH IN to the FUTURE

MindCore switches has taken more than 60 years of switch experience and collaborated with many companies in its industry, to fully understand the unique reality of our customers when it comes to switches…Everything is in the details… Providing the best.

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Core Values

Maintaining our position as a leader in disconnects requires a focus on these values, our employees lead through our Core Values of attitude, devotion and Integrity driving our Corporate values of Quality, Flexibility and performance.

You need to Embrace your colors Challenge yourself Be part of the solution Do it right, do it better Remember to have fun

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We have come a long way and have been steadily growing for several years now…and the future looks even brighter with some major milestones in the making.

MindCore Technologies is ISO 9001 2015 certified
Established in 2008

MindCore Technologies background and Timeline


MindCore Technologies decided to Embrace Kearney philosophy Supplying switches that will last for 40 years, using the latest technologies available


In 1998, General switchgear acquires Pursley 2000. In 2011, MindCore acquires the assets of GS T&D and is also ISO 9001 certified


2012: 62kV-1470kV BIL high seismic shake table test. 2013: MindCore expands its production to 10000 sq. ft


MindCore performs ice test on AVX 345kV and is awarded blanket contracts with Canadian utilities


MindCore launches its ACX design and expands its production to 15000 sq. ft. Blanket contracts with USA Utilities


Merger with EHT international, leader in disconnect switch controls. Technology allows offsite monitoring, M2M communications and is compatible with any network


MindCore is successful in the 550kV-1800kV BIL high seismic shake table test and expands its production to 20000 sq. ft


MindCore Headquarters 2.0: Factory and warehouse relocation. Production expanded to 21000 sq. ft with improved capacity and efficiency


Innovation outpost opens! Part of production and R&D are moved to a new building to improve capacity and efficiency.


Main headquarters expansion. Construction begins for new factory and warehouse space to yet again improve production, reliability and delivery time.

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We have been consistently growing in the recent years and the future looks bright. We are always looking for new teammates who share our values and thrive for excellence.

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