Supplier Contractual Agreement

Dear Supplier,

The order form sent acts as a contract between Mindcore Technologies inc. and the Supplier. This contractual agreement establishes the following requirements:

1) Product requirements

The supplier agrees to deliver products that meet the requirements established in the technical drawings and/or the specifications and standards listed thereon or in the purchase order. In the event that the supplier is technically unable to comply, it must submit a written waiver request which must be validated and authorized by the Mindcore Technologies engineering team. The supplier undertakes not to start production of the goods without the derogation being accepted in writing. Mindcore Technologies inc. cannot be held responsible for non-compliant goods in the event of non-compliance with this procedure and the supplier cannot claim compensation for the material or for the work carried out.

2) Access to quality documentation and traceability
The supplier agrees to send us the quality documentation related to the ordered goods, such as the parts inspection report, material certificate, plating certificate or others. The supplier undertakes to keep these documents for a minimum period of 2 years after acceptance of the delivery of the product by Mindcore Technologies inc.
3) Storage, packaging and shipping

The supplier agrees to keep and package the items ordered under the purchase order adequately so that they can be received in a compliant and orderly state. According to the terms of shipment of the order, the supplier must deliver the goods in good condition and within the requested time. Otherwise, a non-conformity including costs, a resumption of production or others, could be required.

4) Treatment of non-conformities
The supplier agrees to produce the ordered goods according to the best industry practices (manufacturing standards), and this by respecting the requests established on the drawings transmitted at the time of the order or according to the standards and specifications listed in the order. of purchase. Otherwise, the goods received may be returned at the supplier’s expense with a request for corrective action associated with a non-conformity. Time is of the essence for any corrective action required to bring the goods into conformity. We ask for the shortest possible delay, if possible less than a week, unless a technical impossibility would prevent it. This delay must be notified by a written notice stating the contrary.
5) Prevention and detection of counterfeit items

The supplier agrees to validate and verify that the goods delivered are not counterfeit. The supplier must, if in doubt, demonstrate to us the verification that has been put in place with the aim of combating counterfeiting, ensuring traceability from the origin of the products sold and thus ensuring protect any product with intellectual property.

6) CWB compliance (Canadian welding Bureau) - welding
The supplier agrees that the disconnector bases and welded structures will be manufactured by a resource with the required skills in addition to complying with the CWB standard.