500kV to 800kV / 2000A to 4000A

Seismic rated

Designed to last. This is the market reputation the SV2 design has been able to build over the years. In many major Utilities, the SV2 sold in the late 70’s are still in operation and in very good condition today.

This EHV (Extra High Voltage) vertical break switch is designed to utilize the high strength and lightweight characteristics of aluminum alloys, combined with time-tested silver coated copper contacts that are highly visible and easily replaceable

When you add the MindCore touch to that original Kearney design, you get an even more reliable design, that uses today’s material and manufacturing technologies.

Long lasting ARCING? MindCore offers a unique combination of our SV2 and our ”Smart” EHTi motor operator, that uses variable speed in order to interrupt arcing faster, reducing potential damages to adjacent equipment and extend their life expectency. Plus, using MindCore SMART operator will enable the user to get automatic fully close information.

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Design from Kearney with high perfomance feedback
Aluminum current carrying parts
Silver-to-Silver, high pressure, self-wiping contacts
Reversed loop design on hinge and jaw side
90° blade rollover for 1’’ ice breaking ability
Substantial overload capacity
Low radio noise & high corona extinction levels
Unique electrostatic grading system
Blade over toggle by design in open position
Integrated design of switch and supporting structure