Center Break Disconnect



15 to 345kV / 1200 to 4000A

Built to last

The ACX and ACBB MindCore center break line is a proven design philosophy that will provide the long-term reliability you are looking for.

What has become the standard for MindCore is our focus on robust materials, precision manufacturing and market standalone self-greasing characteristics thru oil lite bushings; key features resulting in durable current transfer, optimal performances in all conditions and virtually maintenance free.

Our center breaks are a high end solution where all contacts are naturally protected by design to face the most severe environmental conditions. With appropriate pivot and counterweight design customization, the ACX and ACBB can be mounted in horizontal, vertical or underhung applications and are available in full copper designs as well in V” configuration

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Silver-to-silver, high pressure, self-wiping contacts
Reversed loop design on hinge and jaw sides
Braidless aluminum current carrying parts
One piece welded blade assemblies
Weather resistant hinge rotating contacts
Horizontal and vertical mounting through 245kV
Full copper version available