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The generation, transmission and distribution of power is constantly challenged to ensure power supplied is transported and distributed from point A to point Z, without loss and with optimized network integrity. To enhance controllability and increase power transfer capability, Mitsubishi Electric provides power utilities, industrial applications, gas & mining applications and long-distance power transmission with high quality voltage control and power factor technology.

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Today’s power grid is under mounting stress as utilities grapple with the rapid retirement of coal power plants, prevalence of renewable energy sources, and load growth into new areas. This combination of load growth supplied by intermittent sources of electric power can create unstable voltage conditions that constrain power system operation. To support these challenges, we provide ongoing leadership in the development of FACTS technology.

Advanced power electronics systems like Static Synchronous Compensators (STATCOM), Static VAR Compensators (SVCs) and Fixed Series Compensators (FSCs) have automated the process for robust and reliable operation. These solutions stabilize the power system voltage by balancing the supply and demand of reactive power. This results in a tremendous improvement in the overall operation and performance of the transmission system.