7.5 to 72.5 kV / Up to 400A

Built to last

The MindCore technologies “EPF” is a heavy duty power fuse offered in voltage ratings from 7.5 through 72.5 kV, in continuous ratings up to 400A and interrupting capacities as high as 3 608 200 kVA symmetrical at 69 kV. This series of power fuses offers the maximum in reliability, ease of operation and economy.

Reliability is assured by the dual operating characteristics of the expandable cap design and the arc quenching fuse element design. Ease of operation results from the drop out action of the fuse holder and the provisions for handling all ratings with a hook stick.

Economy is significant at the time of the original installation and at the time of refusing. The cost of a fuse element is a fraction of the cost of refill units utilized by the competition with fuses of comparable performance.

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Original Dominion Cutout Ltd. proven design
Bronze current carrying parts
Standard machined terminal pads
Silver-to-silver contacts
Fuse holder drops out for easy identification of blown fuse
Fuse link tube holder reusable
Meets or exceeds NEMA requirements