15 to 420kV / 1200 to 6000A

Built to last

The AVX is a station class vertical break switch made with lightweight but high strength aluminum alloys combined with silver brazed copper contacts, that are easily replaceable should it ever be required.

Incorporating an excellent counter balance system the switch can be operated with minimal forces. With a 91º to 95º blade opening angle the AVX can break through virtually any level of ice with only one attempt. The current carrying path is exempt of any rotating points or braids ensuring maximum conductivity over time. When in contact with aluminum surfaces copper contacts are tinned to prevent galvanic corrosion while an inhibitor protects the aluminum surfaces.

MindCore Technologies’ AVX is the next generation of high quality, robust, low maintenance switch developed to maximize return on investment for decades to come.

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Aluminum current carrying parts
Silver to Silver high pressure self wiping contacts
Reversed loop contacts on both hinge and jaw side
90º blade rollover for first attempt ice breaking capabilities...
...for visible close position confirmation from ground standpoint
"U" shape connection points with 3 sets of NEMA terminal pads
IEEE 693 High seismic shake table tested
Evolution of Kearney robust philosophy design