15 -115kV / 600-4000A

Built to last

MindCore Technologies CHS series with the longest of reliability without wear the CHS is an outdoor, single pole switch, manually operated by a hookstick. It is expressly designed for structures as well as wood pole mounting arrangements and can be used with either copper or aluminum conductors.

Hookstick operated disconnect switches are used anywhere on a circuit where there is a need to provide disconnect capabilities and where a manual operation is feasible. The twin high conductivity hard drawn copper blades feature widely spaced hinge pivots for maximum resistance to deflection. The operator will never have blade alignment problems with the CHS, it closes with precise alignment regardless of the age of the switch or the operating conditions.

The single piece construction of these components eliminates current transfer points and provides a cool operating, high strength switch that offers the maximum in long wear and reliability. At the hinge, a 90-degree open blade stop is provided. Stand alone or combined with a vertical, center or double break switch are all available. Additional key component possibilities such as painted blade for extra visual confirmation or key interlock hardware provision or mechanical interlock hardware provision or electrical interlock allow flexibility to comply with any project requirements.

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Robust, high quality design, easy to operate
Full copper current carrying parts
30 degrees rise (AO1 ACCC designation)
Silver plated blades and hinge contact
Silver brazed (inlay) jaw contact
Customized belleville washer on hinge side
Tandem, bypass and "V" configuration available