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EHTi Smart Operators  |  The reliable indicator

An intelligent and robust motor operator for controlling and monitoring disconnect switches. It offers variable speed control, monitoring, SCADA signaling, optional IEC 61850/DNP 3.0 communication protocols, optical positioning and more.


The smart operator provides all the mechanical features of a conventional motor operator that is maintenance free and integrated with a high tech monitoring and control module called the EHTi controller. This smart operator is compatible with most disconnect switches manufactured requiring either a single-turn rotation of 45 to 220 degrees or multiple turns. Using high precision gears, a robust gearbox and an overdesigned motor, it is designed to operate for the life span of the disconnect switch.

smart operator for disconnect switches


The result of five years of research and development. It is designed to provide utilities and heavy industrials a level of intelligence, security and efficiency not previously available. Furthermore, it is designed to be virtually maintenance free.



Optical Positioning System & Dynamic Break




Real-Time Analysis


Variable Speed Control




Mechanically Conforms


Optional intelligent operation sequence

EHTi Smart Operators

Technical data

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