38 to 500kV / 600 to 5000A

Built to last

MindCore Technologies ADB is a station class double break switch, designed to utilize the high strength and lightweight characteristics of aluminum alloys, combined with silver brazed copper contacts, that are easily replaceable should it ever be required. The center insulator supports the blade and rotates, engaging the robust gear mechanism to operate the switch all to way to a 65˚ opening angle.

One of the key component for a double end break to operate is certainly its pivot. Since MindCore understands that everything is in the details, we choose among our sturdy pivot designs which is the one the best suited for the application. The ADB switch is an evolved kearney proven design and has been installed within the North American substations for the past 35 years.

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Aluminum current carrying parts
Silver to Silver high pressure self wiping contacts
Reversed loop contacts on jaw sides
Rotating blade design for greater contact pressure
High end bronze gear mechanism within the housing
"U" shape connection points with 3 sets of NEMA terminal pads
Available in ‘W’ configuration for transmission applications