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ADB Double Break Disconnect

MindCore Technologies ADB  is a station class double break switch, designed to utilize the high strength and lightweight characteristics of aluminum alloys, combined with time-tested silver brazed copper contacts that are highly  visible and easily replaceable. The center stack supports the blade and rotates to operate the switch. The blade swings through 65˚, either clockwise or  counter-clockwise in a plane parallel to the switch base.


Aluminum conducting joints are protected with an oxide inhibitor to prevent the formation of  aluminum oxide. Copper contacts are tinned at attach point to aluminum surfaces to prevent galvanic corrosion and are further protected by an  inhibitor on the aluminum surfaces. The ADB switch is a proven design and has been installed within the North American substations for the past 35 years.




    Aluminum current carrying parts design


    Silver-to-silver, high pressure, self-wiping contacts


    Reversed loop design on jaw sides


    Rotating blade principle for excellent ice breaking ability


    Weather and corrosion resistant housing


    Standard 3 sets of NEMA terminal pads


    Available in ‘W’ configuration for transmission applications

ADB Double Break Disconnect

Technical data

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