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HSF |HMF High Speed Ground Switch


MindCore HSF series of High Speed Fault switches is designed for rapid speed application of a solid ground fault to the power system. A fault initiating switch is a device, when actuated by protective relays will operate to apply a deliberate fault to a power system. Its principal application is in transformer fault protection, when used in conjunction with an automatic motor operated disconnect switch, it will economically replace a circuit breaker in the transformer station.

Continuing the standard for MindCore market standalone self-greasing characteristics thru oil lite bushings, the switch blade operating mechanism is built for reliability and life. The jaw area uses the reverse loop contacts and at the base of the switch is our most reliable blade latch, locking the switch blade at the instant of closing, thus preventing the switch blade from bouncing when it strikes the blade stop. The reset mechanism is designed to release the blade latch and open the switch blade. After each opening the reset mechanism must be returned so as not to interfere with a future high speed automatic closing.