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Sources of power generation are changing rapidly, bringing new challenges to grid operators. Modern power systems are increasingly utilizing HVDC as a flexible and economical solution to varied needs such as: renewable integration, grid re-enforcement and long-distance transmission.

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HVDC-Diamond® is Mitsubishi Electric’s latest offering in the field of HVDC. Our converter uses the well-proven Modular Multi-level Converter (MMC) topology, which gives a flexible solution in terms of scaling of power output, from 50 MW to 1000 MW and more. Being a Voltage Source Converter (VSC), the system has significant ancillary benefits to the operator, such as reactive-power support, black-start capability, fast power-flow reversal, improved grid accessibility for weak systems, low harmonic distortion, etc.

Mitsubishi Electric utilizes our own highly reliable in-house IGBT device for sub-modules. Its reliability is proven in traction and industrial uses and the optimization reducing losses for utility use makes the leading-edge X-series IGBT ideal for MMC applications.