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South Source Sales | United States Representatives Update

MindCore Technologies is pleased to announce that Jerry Tanner, account executive with South Source Sales, is now its official representative for Arkansas and Louisiana. Already representing MindCore in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee, South Source expands its US territory as our agent, providing excellent service to clients and partners for this important region of the Southern states.

Jerry has a lifetime of knowledge spanning 32+ years in the electric utility industry. Part of his knowledge base includes oversight of specialty crews dealing specifically with high voltage switches. He has experience in substation design, transmission planning, field construction of both substation and transmission lines, project management, field maintenance and operation plus asset maintenance planning.


With this breadth of knowledge, Jerry brings a unique ability to South Source team to help understand our customers’ needs, as well as the ability to thoroughly communicate these needs and wants to our manufacturers.

MindCore Technologies is thrilled to add this valuable asset to its team and would like to wish him a warm welcome!