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primtech, the CAE system, assists in each phase of the substation planning process, from the tender phase or the initial draft through to implementation planning. The powerful AutoCAD based software is used both for planning and design, as well as the documentation of substations. With primtech tools you can accelerate the planning process considerably and the simulation of a substation model in 3D is optimally supported.


High-voltage equipment, subsidiary constructions, tubes, cables, foundations – these are all simply selected from a comprehensive, extensible library, and placed, as intelligent 3-D-objects, on a voltage-dependent grid.


The new primtech 18 is now available with several innovative features. It comes with performance improvements, new parts lists options and an innovative Optical Symbol Recognition (OSR) tool.

substation software design primtech
Substation design autocad software Primtech3d


Take advantage of the possibility of designing building models such as Gas Insulated Substation (GIS) buildings or control buildings in your model. Integrated analysis tools such as lightning protection calculation and clearance calculation are available specifically for substation design.


The primtech evaluation functions and the automatic generation of CAD drawings relieves the designer of routine tasks, and helps to avoid expensive, time-consuming errors. Benchmark tests have shown that primtech users are more than 15 times faster in some phases of the design of a switchgear project than when other, conventional CAD software tools for designing substations are used.


The primtech tool – Optical Symbol Recognition (OSR) – allows, with the help of artificial intelligence in a mostly automatic process, the creation of primtech substation model out of point cloud scans or photos of a substation.

The created primtech models are intelligent 3D models and comply with the Building Information Modeling (BIM) Philosophy – so called primtech BIM 3D Models. primtech creates the models according to the detected points and the specific signature within the point clouds and then builds up assemblies – step by step – to a complete BIM model.


After the OSR tool examines all signatures in the point cloud and all signatures are mapped to an assembly in the model, a logical and intelligent primtech BIM model has been created. The model has the familiar primtech project structure in the project databank and contains all created symbols. The BIM model can now be utilized in further calculations and checks. The model can also be used as a full-fledged template for extension or retrofit – to create parts lists and plans as well as to carry out calculations.


primtech contains a large library of equipment that go back to the 1990s. During the OSR process, it can also call upon legacy equipment. With very old substations, in which the respective equipment or standards are no longer available, the Teaching Assistant in the OSR tool can be of help. It allows, in this case, the quick creation of a concept assembly which can later be fitted exactly in the assembly environment of the point cloud.

The such created assembly is then immediately available to the OSR system and can be utilized in further substations.

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substation software design primtech