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primtech 18 released | intelligent substation design

As a proud partner, We are very happy to announce that primtech 18 – the latest version of primtech – has been released! Some fantastic features were added to further streamline your work and interaction. Now, let us take you through some of the top new features coming to you in primtech 18…


Optical Symbol Recognition (OSR)

Based on a point cloud scan, the primtech OSR tool can automatically recognize or create fitting assemblies to generate complete BIM 3D models. The assemblies are selected from the primtech library and placed respectively in the model or created and placed in accordance to detected characteristics.
With every point cloud scan, primtech 18 runs through a Teaching Phase that allows primtech to detect new assemblies and reuse assemblies already created from previous OSR runs. The primtech library can therefore be extended with every OSR recognition run.


Performance improvements

The primtech User can expect optimized graphic performance. Objects and styles have been adapted and – together with the new graphic pipe in AutoCAD 2018 and AutoCAD 2019 – orbit and zoom are now very smooth, even in large substations. Several other features, like parts list generator, are also now much faster.


Parts List Generator

The parts list generator has been completely revised. A further grouping level can now be activated within the positions parts list. This allows e.g. tubes, wires or cable channels to be grouped by type and length. Additionally, a foreign key can be added to the parts list (e.g. item number from ERP system).


Mass Attribute

In primtech 18, the mass attribute has been added. The mass of various objects can now be comfortably evaluated in the parts lists.


Lighting Plan

To create a lighting plan in Relux, primtech supports a special 3D export function. Now, a very compact 3D file for the 3D lighting analysis with Relux can be exported by primtech with the assistance of the primtech Drawing Converter.

Automatic ERP Connector

The ERP Connector can be activated in primtech 18 by checking in and, thereby, be automated. A new attribute “foreign key” (e.g. ERP item number) can be set for project-specific symbols and in the Parts List Manager

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