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2019 MEA Energy Conference | Meet-us in Springfield, Illinois

The Electrical Operations Technical & Leadership Summit has started!

Our US sales manager, Randy Zacharias, is currently in Springfield, Illinois, for the 2019 MEA Energy conference and tradeshow. Focusing on annual electric operations training for crews, foremen, supervisors, managers and directors, the summit includes a keynote, exhibits and classroom sessions on technical, safety and workforce issues.


MindCore is located both indoor and outdoor at the Crown Plaza conference centre for this event. While inside you can find some of our distribution switches and learn about the key technical specifications making our products so reliable, you can also visit our mobile demo station outside the main courtyard. In addition to a fully functionnal EHTi smart operator (the truly reliable indicator), the demonstration unit showcases several of our MV and HV robust disconnect switches, including the AVX vertical disconnect and the ACX center break.

It’s a great opportunity to discover why MindCore Technologies provides the best Total Cost of Ownership for the electrical utilities all across North America!