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ARTECHE offers a wide range that covers all our customers’ needs. Current, voltage and combined transformers, oil-paper or gas insulated up to 800 kV.

The company feels that innovation is a strategic priority and a competitive advantage. Over the last few years Arteche has developed new lines of business that complement traditional products, such as voltage transformers for gas insulated switchgears and optical current transformers.

**MindCore Technologies is an exclusive distributor only in Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba**

If you are located in another province of Canada or any other countries, please click below:

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Product description

ARTECHE transformers are installed in over 150 countries. As a new partner with MindCore Technologies, they will provide their high quality equipment for Quebec and Ontario.

Ideal for installation at metering points due to its very high accuracy
Excellent frequency response; ideal for monitoring power quality and measuring harmonics.
Suitable for installation in AC and DC filters inconverter substations for HVDC projects.
Capacitive voltage transformers
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High voltage instrument transformers
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