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MindCore to present at the 2018 Circuit Breaker Seminar

Our president, Philippe Corriveau, has been selected to be a guest speaker for the 2018 Doble Circuit Break Seminar that will take place in Jackson Mississippi next month. Well known for his innovative solutions for substations across North America and his expertise on disconnect switches, he was invited to present on the topic of Motor Operating – Common maintenance problems & field problems.


Disconnect switches (DS) are necessary part of an electric grid network. Used primarily to isolate other more important substation equipment such as transformers and circuit breakers. The DS provides a visible break in an electric circuit so that technicians can safely work in the substation environment. Today most DC controls fail to provide real position information of the switch. This presentation will discuss advancements made from the development of an electronic control system that will provide the electric utility with valuable information on the status of the DS. It also will discuss how this control system will provide the electric utility the ability to monitor the operation of the DS in real time.

The presentation will take place on October 1 at 5:30PM at the convention center in Jackson, Mississippi.

More information on the seminar taking place October 1-5, click here