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On-site photos | Distribution double load break & power fuse

MindCore Technologies has a full range of distribution switches, from in-line disconnects to double load break as you can in these photos taken on-site in Ontario


MindCore’s double load break disconnect with a powerfuse has several key features making it reliable and efficient for the distribution market:

– Active part and terminals made of copper or copper alloy

– Blade made of copper and is silver plated

– Disconnect switch pivot housing made of aluminum with stainless steel shaft and sealed stainless ball bearings

– Bronze flange bearing and stainless steel pin used to reduce play in the linkage and avoid premature aging

– Robust galvanized steel linkage parts with fine adjustment

– Available option for 1000 operation (OPEN/CLOSE) 2000A Vacuum Load Break device

– Fully assembled for Quick and Easy installation

– Quick verification of OPEN/CLOSE visually and with indicator

– Integral fuse protection




You can get more details on our full line up of distribution switches here: