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Established in 1962 the Vishay division of ESTA supplies power capacitors of all types for all applications:

Low voltage capacitors, dry type or oil insulated (power factor correction)
High voltage capacitors (Shunt Banks)
Surge suppression
Capacitors for power electronics
Capacitors for induction furnaces

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Type: Indoor and Outdoor
Capacitance: Up to 1.1 MVAR per capacitor
Voltage Level: 600V to 24 kV (800 kV in banks)
Standards: CAN/CSA –C22.2 No. 190 Power Capacitors
IEC 60871-1 Power Capacitors
IEC143 Series capacitors for power systems
ANSI IEEE Std 18 Shunt Power Capacitors
NEMA CP-1 Shunt Capacitors

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