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Substation Equipment

Air core reactors


Installed to protect and enhance the efficiency of power grids, Coil Innovation’s air-core reactors quickly made ​​their place on the world stage and have become the benchmark for quality and reliability.  In operation since 2004, the Austrian company leverages its dynamic team and technological innovation to support growth and provide its customers with solutions using cutting-edge technology such as the “silent” reactor.

coil innovation air core reactor
substation air core reactor coil


    Type: Indoor and Outdoor


    Rated Voltage: 15kV to 800kV


    Applications: Series, Neutral, Harmonic Filters, Shunt, Load Balancing, SVC, HVDC


    Standards: IEC 60076-6, ANSI C57.16


    Hydro-Québec SN-14.7


    ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004